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5. Find Out What Are The Best Way To Use Social Media For Your Brand
6. Learn How To Use These Tactics To Earn More Money
7. If the phrases landing pages, sales funnel, lead magnets leave you more confused than ever than you have made the right choice. 
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You are going to love the experience. Our consulting services will help give you actionable plans from day 1 to improve your social media presence to your benefit. We are going to take you by the hand and show you how to get started, where to get started and even when to get started with social media. 

If you are already on social media we will work with you to improve what is already working and show you what you need to do to get the ball rolling. 

Dr. Berry Pierre, CEO

I founded PP5 Marketing and Pierre Medical Consulting as a way to provide technical assistance & support for health professionals to better market themselves, establish their brands and remove the cloud of mystery of technology. I have been featured on FoxNews, BBC World News, National Print Publications and more.
Pierre Medical Consulting Inc is a dual faceted Health Promotional Company and consulting firm. Founded in 2015 Pierre Medical Consulting began as a vehicle to help educate public on some of the most common medical ailments thru the medium of blogging. It would grow to include video blogs, live lecture series, and podcasts. 

The motto “Empower Yourself For Better Health” would become the mantra that Dr. Berry Pierre the founder of the company would embody. Dr. Pierre realized that the lack of education is a huge barrier in patients being able to receive quality treatment as well as for health care workers to provide it.

In 2017 that Dr. Pierre began to notice the huge knowledge deficit health care workers especially his physician colleagues had when it came to technology with social media. He now realized that his love for technology and medicine were something that he would not have to keep separate anymore and he has gone on to help countless professionals from doctors, lawyers, therapists and more. 

Dr. Pierre was able to find his passion and it has helped created what PMC is today.